Cynthia Ruchti Ragged Hope – …what do you do when you face the wake from other’s choices?Storytelling with HOPE at its heart. Hope often shows up best against a dark backdrop. Hope glows in the dark.

If you’ve ever opened a novel and found a fictional character who seemed to understand how you feel, who put into words and actions what you found inexpressible, you’re the reader for whom my characters and their stories are created.

If your life is one sunny patch after another, you may appreciate insights into the lives of those whose path leads them through difficulties that try their souls and defy solutions. The inspiration of their courage may feed your compassion. The hope that dispels shadows and lights a heart’s dark corners can light your own.

My prayer is that you will close the last page of my novels with a satisfied sigh. It will bless me if you say, “What a great story!” It will bless me more to hear, “What a great God!”

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