Today’s Topic, From One Single Mother To Another with Sandra Aldrich and Julie Gorman, on FYI Radio. Sandra Aldrich, will share her testimony on single parenting and more from her book “From One Single Mother to Another”. If you’d like to ask questions, you can call in at 347-850-8893. Sandra P. Aldrich, author or co-author of 19 books, presents life’s serious issues with insight and humor. She holds a master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and, she says, a “Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks.” Thus, her faith-filled stories encourage listeners to grab today’s joy even during intense times. Her career includes 15 years as a public school teacher, a stint on a funeral home grief counseling team and nine years in Christian ministry that included several as senior editor of Focus on the Family magazine. Learn more about Sandra at,

Here’s a little information about Sandra taken from her site: “Sandra’s often humorous presentations feature the importance of solid relationships – to God, family, friends and self. In addition, she has written and spoken on joyful living, marriage and family issues, grief, single parenting and family communication.

A popular speaker at women’s and couple’s retreats, military bases, educational seminars, college chapels, single-parent conferences and corporate events, Sandra’s Kentucky storyteller style has made her a much requested guest on numerous radio and TV shows.

After her husband’s death, Sandra raised a 10-year son and an 8-year old daughter. Today, both are young marrieds who keep their mom well supplied with illustrations. Her usual speaking style is “make a point, tell a story.”