Greg and Julie venture through life hand in hand, firmly believing that Two Are Better than One. Together they speak, write, and host a weekly broadcast helping couples live purpose-focused, not problem-focused. Greg and Julie are students and practitioners of biblical leadership and human behavior, holding certifications from a variety of organizations including the Patterson Center, John C. Maxwell, and Personality Insights Institute.

Popular Keynotes

A Purpose-Focused Marriage

Two decades of practice and observation have revealed the catalyst causing some couples to thrive and others to merely survive in marriage. In this keynote session, Greg and Julie uncover an insight that, when fully embraced by both husband and wife, will help heal, restore, and deepen intimacy in every marriage. So what is it? What’s the keen observation that, when put into practice, will deepen connection and friendship in every marriage? We hope you’re ready for it, because you’re about to discover it!

Two Are Better than One … God has a Purpose for Your Marriage

Statistically, it’s been suggested that 92–98 percent of evangelical believers struggle to identify their God-given purpose. With such a staggering statistic, it only stands to reason that the percentage for couples identifying their God-given purpose together must be even higher. After all, kids, careers, and everyday demands often muddy the already murky waters of uncertainty. Yet God’s big idea – His very purpose for your marriage – will be accomplished. In this exciting and energetic keynote, Greg and Julie will lift your thoughts and elevate your expectations concerning your most precious earthly relationship—your marriage—helping you welcome God’s unique design for your marriage.

Popular Workshops

Greg and Julie provide multiple workshops (supplying hands-on resources for self-assessment) to help couples discover their marriage purpose. Below are a few examples:

Problem vs. Purpose-Focused Living

All thought leaders throughout time agree on one central truth: We become what we think about, we get what we expect, and we find what we are looking for. Our thoughts hold power. They impact our results, and they shape our outcome. King Solomon, the wisest dude who ever sported a pair of flip flops, said it this way: “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.”

[i] Greg and Julie help you take this profound revelation and apply it to your everyday life. Through eye-opening exercises and application, you’ll discover your natural tendencies of thought and learn steps to live purpose-focused NOT problem-focused in marriage.

Why Are We So Different?

One thing is for certain: Marriage affords plenty of opportunity for offense. What once caught our intrigue, if not protected, can easily cause our irritation. It’s found in all the “He’s so particular. She never pays attention to details. He’s such a night owl. She gets up before the rooster. He flies by the seat of his pants. She schedules next year’s spring cleaning,” and thus it goes on and on. But, could there be a greater reason for our differences? In this workshop, Greg and Julie provide couples with practical ways to celebrate one another’s differences in order to magnify their strengths and multiply their impact.

What’s Our Common Ground?

Couples who build on common ground are not easily divided. In this interactive workshop Greg and Julie use fun self-assessment tools, surveys, and insightful questions to help couples identify their core values and highlight their shared interests. Come prepared to learn new things about yourself AND your spouse, create your own “bumper sticker” for life, and move towards your specific marriage purpose.

What Fuels Our Purpose?

What do you want for your marriage? No, seriously: What do you really want for your marriage? In your most perfect vision, what does your marriage relationship look like? In this session, Greg and Julie challenge couples to discover what they really want for their marriage, not what their parents, kids, or pastor wants…not what they want to want or what they know they should want … not even what they feel obligated to provide for their marriage. Instead, they help couples envision what they really want for their marriage, gain clarity on what that looks like, and provide practical steps to intentionally dream for God’s best, as a couple.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any keynote address or workshop can expand to cover an entire weekend or condense to fit within incremental 20 minute segments.

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