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Module 1: Get Noticed Online: How to Grab (and Keep) Attention in a Crowded World

  • Social Media Matters: How to Develop a Winning Online Strategy
  • Social Media Mistakes: Avoid the Pitfalls and Problems that Can Sink Your Strategy
  • Expand Your Reach: Create Compelling Connections Through Video
  • What to Post and When: Develop a Content Calendar That Works

Desire to expand your online influence? Need to develop a solid social media strategy? Want to seize more opportunities and take your business to the next level? Awesome; lean in and get ready to learn how experts treat their book (and business) like a global enterprise. In Module 1, we share essential insights on developing a solid online strategy, pitfalls to avoid, tips on connecting through video, and developing a content calendar that works. Don’t miss your opportunity to stand out online!

Module 2: Maximize Your Marketing: Expand Your Reach And Grow Your Following

  • Words that Attract: Capture Your Message Through Powerful Taglines
  • Words that Sell: How to Write Copy That Inspires People to Buy
  • How to Create a Memorable One-Sheet
  • Maximize Your Media Packet

Long to attract more customers, clients, and publishers but feel stuck on how? Excited to extend your message and gain more speaking engagements? Want to inspire people to connect with you at a deeper (and more profitable) level? In Module 2, you’ll learn how to develop professional marketing materials for potential clients, write copy that attracts and compels customers to buy, and insights on expanding and building a strong following. Listen in and learn how to grow and propel your business forward.

Module 3: Write Like a Pro: How to Start and Finish Your Book like a Pro

  • Think Like a Pro: Tips for Organizing Your Thoughts (and Your Book)
  • Write Like a Pro: Habits to Help You Write Exceptional Content Every. Single. Day.
  • Edit Like a Pro: Learn the Exact Process that Professional Writers Use
  • Finish Like a Pro: How to Destroy Writer’s Block Once and for All

Struggling to articulate your message? Crave more than just a finished product? Want to wow readers and really make an impact? In this series, you’ll learn secrets from professional writers, content coaches, agents, and editors and learn how to masterfully share your message.  Get your book across the finish line and “pick the brain” of some of the best in the business!

Module 4: Wow Publishers with a Winning Proposal

  • Cultivate a Creative Hook and Bio
  • Create Compelling Chapter Summaries
  • Communicate Your Marketing Strategy
  • Complete an Industry Analysis

Want an agent or publisher to notice you? Aspire to make a great first and lasting impression? Wonder what causes some books to get picked up while others get tossed aside? In Module 5, we’ll share the blueprint to communicating your message in a way every agent and publisher desires. You’ll learn tips on cultivating a creative hook and bio, creating compelling chapter summaries, communicating a strong market strategy and completing an industry analysis. Learn how to make a compelling case for your book and get noticed!


Module 5: The Writer as Entrepreneur: Turn Your Book Into a Business

  • The Name of the Game: How (and Why) You Need to Think Like an Author-preneur
  • Multi-purposing and Monetizing: How to Stretch One Idea into Dozens of Products and Programs
  • Vision Matters: How to Set Goals for Your Business
  • Play to Your Strengths: How to build a winning team

Feel a little shocked that book publishing isn’t as lucrative as you imagined? Looking to expand your brand and increase your product line? Ready for your writing to generate more speaking, coaching, and training opportunities? Truth is…there isn’t a get rich scheme or fast track to the best-sellers list that offers sustainable cash flow for business…no matter what others have promised. So, in module 3, we share ways to grow your income by leveraging your book/s into multiple products and services and teach you the secrets of creating a business model that draws and keeps your ideal customers.


Bonus Calls:

      1. Acquisition Editors Share What Publishers Want
      2. Tips on Getting More Speaking Engagements
      3. How to Set Your Prices and Discuss Them with Confidence
      4. Insights from A Videographer, Marketing Strategists, and an Emmy Award Winning TV Interviewer.

ADDITIONAL Services Available (contact us if you’d like to purchase)

      1. A Critique of Your One Sheet
      2. A Critique of Your Video Submission
      3. A Critique of Your Media Packet
      4. A Critique of Your Proposal

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“Get Author-ized helped me capture my message in a concise, yet interchangeable, mission statement and provided me with powerful “next step” actions to grow my platform. — Allison, Professional Coach and Trainer

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